Our Team

Marco S. Ochoa
Wedding Officiant & Owner

Wedding Officiant in the RGV

   I started as a wedding officiant, and now I’m so excited to say that the business has grown to now offer engagement photographywedding videography, and wedding planning. I have several roles with Texas Wedding Tales, but by far my favorite is officiating weddings. I cherish the opportunity to create ceremonies that are an accurate reflection of each couple’s unique relationship. Whether your wedding style is casual or sophisticated, serious or light-hearted, religious or secular, I will ensure that it is personal and memorable.


   I want my couples to feel at ease and truly be themselves. To accomplish this, there is plenty of communication with my couples before their wedding. I believe it is important to know who they are, what matters to them, and how they envision their celebration.


 I also enjoy working alongside an incredible team of planners,  photographers, and videographers. Each wedding has its own story, and we love to capture it all. We believe that weddings are most meaningful when your story is infused in every detail, creating an unforgettable day that you and your guests will cherish. Working with my team guarantees a smooth experience, one that is uniquely tailored for every couple from beginning to end!


Alma N. Frayre,
Lead Photographer

Wedding Photographer in the RGV

 Growing up, I volunteered for many organizations as their event photographer. I have always felt more comfortable being behind the lens rather than in front of it. My arms and legs always felt as an extra accessory that just laid awkwardly in unfavorable places. I felt uncomfortable attempting poses other than standing still and smiling.  It wasn’t until I met my partner, Marco, that I got to recognize what the front of the camera looked like. With his love and sweetness, he made me feel beautiful and worthy to be captured into a forever memory. 


   It is that same confidence of beauty and comfort that I care to pass onto my couples. I take pleasure in capturing every couple’s love story, how it manifests through their expressions, their touch, and their gestures. From one romantic to another, I must admit that I often find myself smiling behind the lens wider than I’d like to admit. If you choose us, I promise to honor the journey that led you to this moment, by capturing the essence of your love.

Karina I. Ochoa,
Lead Videographer &
Wedding Planner

Wedding Videography in the RGV!

   Hi! I’m so happy that you found us, and I can’t wait to get to know you both, your story, and your vision for your big day!

   Here’s what you should know about me: I’m driven by a desire to create and document stories – from the intimate to the bold. As your planner, I will work to create a wedding that is uniquely yours and will work to execute it seamlessly.

   As a videographer, I love to record the big moments, the tender glances, the fleeting first kiss, and all the gestures in between, for you to experience again and again. I combine my background as an attorney with our timeless aesthetic to ensure each client receives great attention to detail and the highest quality work. 

  Our team is personable, professional, and artistic; we know what it takes to ensure each client feels at ease on their big day. I hope you base your wedding planner and videographer selection not just on talent, but on chemistry, comfort, and a shared understanding that the process is just as important as the product.



“Many of our couples are subtle and refined. Others glamorous yet graceful. Others playful and creative. And others we would never attempt to define with a couple of adjectives. We’re inspired by each and every one of them.”

 – Beth Helmstetter